High Potency Serum 30ml Aus$180 Inc GST
   Serum for sensitive Skin 30ml Aus$180 Inc GST
   Eye Contour Gel 15ml Aus$96 Inc GST
   Skin Firming Cream Plus 60ml Aus$227 Inc GST
   Eye Contour Cream Plus 30ml Aus$136 Inc GST
   Body Smoothing Lotion 180ml Aus$349 Inc GST
   Fade away Gel 24ml Aus$136 Inc GST
   2 Step Starter Kit, Sensitive 30ml Aus$180 Inc GST
   2 Step Starter Kit, High Potency 30ml Aus$180 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Serum 30ml Aus$260 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Eye Gel 15ml Aus$165 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Skin Tightening Gel 60ml Aus$319 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Eye Cream 30ml Aus$213 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Neck Firming Cream 30ml Aus$127 Inc GST
   Advanced-C Skin Toning Mask 30g Aus$130 Inc GST
   Skin Hydration Complex 30ml Aus$165 Inc GST
   Two Step Advanced-C Kit 15ml Aus$260 Inc GST
   Hydra 5 B-Complex 30ml Aus$124 Inc GST
   Seline-E Cream 60ml Aus$110 Inc GST
   G.L.A. Eye Balm 30ml Aus$97 Inc GST
   G.L.A. Extra Moist Cream 60ml Aus$123 Inc GST
   G.L.A. Dry Skin Cream 60ml Aus$110 Inc GST
   Sea Silk Oil-free Moisturiser 60ml Aus$99 Inc GST
   Bio-Botanical Cream 60ml Aus$100 Inc GST
   Betaplex New Complexion Collection Aus$225 Inc GST
   Betaplex Gentle Foaming Cleanser 180ml Aus$75 Inc
   Betaplex Gentle Cleansing Milk 180ml Aus$81 Inc GST
   Betaplex Facial Firming Water 180ml Aus$100 Inc GST
   Betaplex Fresh Complexion Mist 180ml Aus$75 Inc GST
   Betaplex Smooth Skin Complex 60ml Aus$136 Inc GST
   Betaplex New Complexion Cream 60ml Aus$136 Inc GST
   Betaplex Line Smoother 30ml Aus$142 Inc GST
   Betaplex Clear Complexion Mask 60ml Aus$96 Inc GST
   Sun Care SPF 30+ 100ml Aus$64 Inc GST
   Skin Firming Hand Cream 50ml Aus$175 Inc GST
   Hydra Hand Cream 50ml Aus$105 Inc GST

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